Funny Money of French Maid Rita
Money from Stripdance Club in Germany

Once upon a time, there was a
Frenchmaid called Rita.
While doing the homework
she found Money. Hurray!
When she looked closly
she thought: Funny Money!
Because the Note is from a
Nigh Club, Rita can't use it.

Click exactly on the (>) arrow in the middle of next pic
to see a video how she found the money:


Please buy this erotic Dollar
of this Striptease-Nightclub in Mannheim,
City in Germany, located near Heidelberg.

Please bid now on this
Funny Paper Money of Rita
because Rita cannot change the money.
It is a Funny Erotic Strip-Club Voucher
and no man - except maybe you -
will give her something for it.
Only Visitors of the named Club can trade
with this bill: Against a Striptese!

If you win the bid on Funny Money of Rita, please pay the auction price + 5 US$ with paypal.
After receipt auction's total price, she will send the Funny Money Bill by Air Mail to you.
Don't hestitate to send seller a question...

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